Another Worldwide Ransomware Attack – and It’s Spreading Rapidly

Johannesburg: 27 June 2017 A cyber –attack of seismic proportions has hit Europe, this time bigger and more devastating than the WannaCry virus that spread across continent at the beginning of May 2017.

The ransomware virus a new variant of old code Petya, is set to inflict overwhelming damage to businesses and is a more-potent version of ransomware WannaCry virus that started circulating recently.  The attack seems to have originated in Russia according to experts.

British advertising firm WPP, the Ukrainian government, Russian oil companies, companies in Norway, Russia, Denmark and France, Spain, India, and the US by Tuesday afternoon have confirmed issues and were affected.

Users are being shown a message saying their data has been encrypted, with some asking for £300 in anonymous currency Bitcoin to retrieve it. Cyber security experts are recommending that those affected not pay the ransom. 

The virus is spreading rapidly and without the need for human interaction, exploiting the same weakness that WannaCry used according to Cyber analysts. 

Roi Shaposhnik, Head of International Sales, Secnovate recommends the following “Users should ensure that all versions of Windows are patched up to the latest version available.  They should disable the outdated protocol SMBv1 and isolate unpatched systems from the larger network.”

Shaposhnik adds “Don’t add “Push alerts on updates, but rather carry these out yourself.  He also suggests that you not connect to a Public Hotspot, if you do, not to register your password or personal information.”

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