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Our portfolio of solutions includes:
System health assessments:

Providing a variety of options to assess system vulnerabilities both from the outside world and from within the organizations, and advise management on the nature and extent of system vulnerabilities and mitigation approaches available.

Security solutions and interventions:

Independent, non-product aligned advice on best-in-class security solutions based on comprehensive vulnerability testing.

Training and Awareness:

Offering a comprehensive portfolio of awareness and training options – from awareness presentations on cyber security, staff behaviour change management (specifically with respect to phishing threats), skills development for IT practitioners (including simulation of cyber-attacks and mitigation approaches) and crisis management for company executives.

Security Operations Centre (SOC):

Providing 24/7 client network monitoring, Incident Response and First Responder Support.

Extensive global network enabling to-the-minute insights into Cyber threats and emerging cutting edge technologies and solutions.

Providing complete Cyber Security Solutions, including insurance products.

Local Security Operations Centre to assist and support local and international organisations in managing and mitigating their exposure to cyber threats to information systems and communications networks.

Access to reliable and expert skills and solutions through a vast network of global alliance partners.

Provision of real-time, ‘best-in-class’ and proven solutions to cyber-attacks/threats on a 24/7 basis.

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