Cyber Security Services

Secnovate (Secnovate) is a Cyber Security Services and Solutions provider. Offering a full range of both Turn-key and Tailor-made solutions.

Strategic Partners

Together with our strategic partners, we’re well positioned to help organisations establish the correct strategies to arm themselves against the ever-growing and ever-present cyber threat.

Global Capabilities

By combining global capabilities with local resources and delivery, knowledge and presence, we are able to deliver unique value to our customers across all industries and business sectors.

Trusted Around The World



Fortune 500 companies

Globally relevant, up-to-date and Sharing of Cyber Strategic Knowledge
Partnering with our Customers to create a Secure Cyber Environment
Enabling Proven Cyber Architecture Roadmap Solutions
Providing Professional Cyber Capabilities and Services

Global Expertise

South African Branch. Global Best Practice.

We’re a South African branch of Secnovate global. Focusing on providing Cyber Security services and solutions to the South African and African markets.

Real World Threats

Our business proposition revolves around the rapidly growing and destructive nature of global cyber security threats to government and businesses, and the concomitant requirement for solutions which are reliable, real-world and proven.

Core Competency

Our core competency revolves around sourcing globally available best-in-class cyber solutions and applying these in the South African (and African) market context.


Our shareholders and executive management represent a carefully selected team capable of converting the company’s vision into a sustainable and profitable business.

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