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An organization’s ability to address cyber security risks is largely influenced by its internal (human) capabilities, and the manner in which these are equipped to prevent and manage Cyber-attacks and incursions.

The readiness of the human capital, supported by technology and business processes, is often the Achilles heel of an organization’s threat mitigation strategies.

Secnovate consequently places great emphasis on assisting companies in preparing their members of staff to withstand, and respond to, the threats posed by cyber-attacks.  This is done through a comprehensive portfolio of Awareness and Training Offerings – from awareness presentations on cyber security, staff behavior change management (specifically with respect to phishing threats), skills development for IT practitioners (including simulation of cyber-attacks and mitigation approaches) and crisis management for company executives.

This portfolio of training and awareness interventions are linked to global best practices and are offered in partnership with recognized, credible and accredited Institutions and companies.

The courses are presented by our experts and partners, each with a wealth of experience and insights in their fields of competence.

Portfolio Overview

General Staff

Awareness Lectures and Presentations:

  • Tailored Cyber Awareness & Readiness Training

Behaviour Enhancement:

  • CybeReady – Phishing attacks
  • Genome – Interactive end user cyber defence

Formal Training:

  • Cyber Awareness & Readiness Training*

IT Professionals

Preparedness Coaching:

  • Executive Desk-Top Cyber Simulations

Awareness Lectures and Presentations

  • Regular Awareness & Technical Presentations

Behaviour Enhancement:

  • Real time Cyber Attack and defence Simulations

Formal Training:

  • Certified Cyber Technical Training*

Academic Training:

  • Undergraduate and Diploma Studies on Cyber Security*

Executive Leadership

Preparedness Coaching:

  • Crisis Stakeholder Management & Communications

Behaviour Enhancement:

  • Cyber Readiness Simulation: Executive Workshop

Our training and awareness offerings include:

Training packages:

Tailored Cyber Awareness and Readiness Training

Target Recipients:  Company staff members

These interventions are tailor-made to suit the needs of the organization, and includes practical and real-life examples to convey powerful messages to the audience.

Duration:  Modules last for 3 hours. (Basic 1x module Advanced 2x module Refer Annexure A)

Cyber Readiness Simulation: Executive Workshop

Target Recipients:  Executive decision makers / C-Suite

The exercise aims to raise the readiness level of Executives in the event of a Cyber-attack and to test the familiarity and effectiveness of the organizations ‘Crisis Management Plan’.

The outcome is an increase in cyber resilience at all levels, improved decision-making in cyber scenarios, and improved organisational overall security strategy and response to security incidents.

Duration: Initial preparation and consultation, followed by half-day interactive scenario walk-throughs and simulation. (Refer Annexure D)

Secure Development Training

Target Recipients:  Developers

Understanding the various development frameworks and best practices, relating to cyber security when designing, writing and implementing applications.

Duration: Conducted over a 2-day period (Refer Annexure G)

CybeReady – Phishing attacks

Target Recipients:  All staff members with access to the internet

A year-long staff behaviour change intervention aimed specifically at mitigating the risks associated with phishing attacks – through awareness, education and effective behaviour change

Duration:  Regular campaigns and interactive engagements over a 12-month period. (Refer Annexure B)

Executive Crisis Management – Media/Messaging Training and awareness

(An optional add on Module to Cyber Readiness Simulation)

Target Recipients:  Executive decision makers / C-Suite

This intensive programme focuses on dealing with media messaging and communications on the management of cyber incidents before, during and after any cyber incidents.

(Optional – live media camera crew).

Duration: Three-hour interactive workshop (Refer Annexure E)

Educational/Academic training on Cyber Security

Target Recipients:  IT professionals

Accredited training modules on Cyber Security.

Duration:  Available on request

Gnome – Interactive User behavioral training

Target Recipients:  All company staff members

A People Centric Security mobile application to mobilize the organization against the rapidly growing cyber threats.

Duration:  Interactive engagements over an agreed period. (Refer Annexure C)

Real time Cyber Attack & Defense Simulations

Target Recipients:  CIO/CTOs, including IT professionals

Utilizing our unique simulator, which is configured to match the customer’s IT environment, we simulate multiple types of attacks, based on the current global threat landscape, allowing IT professionals to gain valuable experience and insights in dealing with cyber-attacks.

Duration: Up to five days simulation at the Secnovate training facility (Refer Annexure F)


Secnovate has been providing security training to a broad range of organizations worldwide for many years, providing both high level and technical security training to difference audiences. Our team of experts combines extensive knowledge in Information Security and technological expertise, and has first-hand experience in developing educational awareness sessions and delivering interactive and memorable awareness workshops, tailored to your organization’s needs, sector and environment.

Secnovate security awareness training for the organization employees includes information on the very latest security threats and trends. The material is developed using recent case studies and examples.

Training sessions are specifically developed and tailored to your organization. Secnovate approach to security awareness training is based on 5 basic rules that are essential to any successful training:

Each session will be interactive, pleasurable, memorable and customised to meet the organization’s requirements.

The training is typically conducted in limited groups (up-to ~ 25 employees, except the Cyber Simulator which is limited to 6 trainees per session), thereby enhancing the learning process and enabling an environment whereby the employee is open to learn, exposed to new material and encouraged to engage with the subject matter.

Training follows a structured approach, including:

  • Training is supported by full documentation and typically accompanied by some form of assessment and appropriate certification (attendance and competency);
  • Training facilitators and assessors are typically, and where required, registered with the Education Training Development Practitioner (ETDP) SETA;
  • Moderators are also registered with the ETDP SETA to verify the quality of the training content prior to certification.
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